Friday, April 22, 2005

Alfa Bitch

The owner of "Pawsabilities" called Little Dog a dominant bitch. "She sucks up to your man doesn't she? Has she given you that look yet, that you're old and that she'll take your place?" he asked.
The nerve! How dare he call my dog a dominant bitch! I felt a growl rise in my chest, when I realized that dominant bitch is a qualification, not an insult, at least not for a dog.
Last night, on our walk around the block, LD and I ran into another woman with her dog. Talking loudly on her cell phone, she dragged a black labrador/ pit bull mix across the street, and out of our sight. LD started an aria I know to mean, "Want to meet, want to meet." We rounded the corner and found the duo waiting for us. With a nasty sneer on his face, the dog lashed out at LD.
"Wait a moment," the woman said to the person she was talking to, tossing the phone on the grass. In one swift movement she landed on her knees, pulling one of the dog's front legs back and over. As he landed on his chin, she straddled the beast. "Submit!" she said, reaching out for the phone. "Sorry about that, I've got to show my alfa male dog to submit to a little dog that wants to say hi."
LD carefully smelled the woman's pant legs, the dog's butt and his face. Then she took on her "I want to play", butt in the air position. The male, in submission, released his muscles.
The woman, resuming her telephone conversation, got up as sudden as she had got down, walked off without having granted me one word. The dominant bitch.

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