Friday, April 01, 2005

Fools and I

"Ik zei de gek," or "Me, said the Fool," was my mother's favorite way to point out that one (I) shouldn't start a sentence with I, one (I) shouldn't be too quick to respond (except for in class), to volunteer (with the exception of offering help doing dishes, digging dandelion roots for the rabbits, picking up my horse's droppings), to get a cookie, to put oneself (me) in the spotlight.

Btw I could have written, "'I' said the Fool," above, but hey, I learned from Bobby Mcgee and Me. Thank you Janis Joplin.

Around the time that I started listening to Janis, and Jimmy, and Les Flute Indien (the first record albums in my collection), my mother expressed the hope I would find my place in the limelight.

Question was, how do you acquire that spot without actively promoting yourself. In other words, how do you get attention without saying me, myself, I?

For one, a writer takes his pen (thank you Stevie) and writes the words again (Yes!), can write about himself, without ever saying, "Hey Y'all, it's me," while he writes in 3rd person.

Leaving it up to the others to say, it's all about, who again?

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