Saturday, April 16, 2005


Where the heart is. Nicholas Prior's heart is clearly in the photographs he took of homeless people and their shelters during a four-day photo shoot in Seattle in 2004. An artist since birth (his words), he had not been in the habit of photographing homeless.

In his lecture at Henry Art Gallery Prior pointed out how we take pictures to create myths of ourselves. In our pictures we perpetuate a positive thought of ourselves. In our albums we don't cry. But when our camera is pointed at the disadvantaged, we don't want them to fix their hair, we don't want to disrupt the scene. The result a colonialist point of view.

Getty Images and FareStart combine forces.

CEOs and employees of Getty Images have been giving financial aid to FareStart (see links in side bar). Wanting to give more than money, Getty Images sent art photographer Nicholas Prior on assignment to Seattle. Prior's objective was to meet as many homeless people as possible and to show that homelessness is not a matter of class, that the line that separates the homed from the homeless is much thinner than we generally like to believe.

Prior thanked his two collaborators and partners, FareStart graduate Derrick DeJesus and FareStart employee Patricia Gray. Derrick showed Nicholas the places he had been on his homeless journey and Patricia opened the dialogue with the people Nicholas wanted to photograph. They presented people with FareStart sandwiches and explained how FareStart empowers homeless and disadvantaged people by giving them training, a place to stay and help them get a job after graduation. Often people would consent having their picture taken.

HOME. Yesterday I posted the when and where the photo series will be shown in greater Seattle.

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