Saturday, April 16, 2005

Talk to Strangers

I visited the One Day Show of "HOME" at the Henry Art Gallery. Before the presentation and lecture started in the auditorium, there was a reception with FareStart hors d'oeuvres, white wine and water in the Gallery Cafe.
Picking a spanakopita triangle from the server's tray, I commented on her voice, she sounded hoarse.
"That's how I was born," she said.
No, her vocal cords weren't too short, she was born a premie and the oxygen tube they fed through her tiny throat was too big, so it hurt her larynx.
"These days they make tubes that are small enough," she said.
"Thanks to you, your example," I said.
"Yes, perhaps," she smiled, "have another hors d'oeuvre."

I didn't know anybody at the reception. I matched names on the program with those on name tags. Others did the same. I saw people glance at my name tag in passing. Not recognizing my name, they decided they didn't need to know me. Eyes would jump from my tag to my face, they'd smile and walk on. Did I do the same? Do we only talk to people we know or need to know at a charitable event?

I chatted with all the servers.

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