Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hope in 2000

Look at the date and look again.
The following entry could have been written on Januari 1, 2000.

Imagine it was. There may be more in the future. Posted today, written or imagined five years ago.
A memoire of hope, and life after hope.

Pleasant Street, Willimantic, CT, Januari 1st, 2000

You can argue that today is not the first day of the new millennium, you can say that the last century ends with 2000. Even so, this is the first day that we no longer write that we live in the nineteen hundreds.

Today I cut my neighbor's hair and after that, she accompanied Pleasant Husband Dearest (from here on revered to as PHD) and me to New York City. We celebrated the beginning of the new year with a meal in Little Italy. The three of us shared our New York stories. PHD told us how ages ago, he had rented an apartment above the very restaurant we were breaking our bread, and toasting to the new year. All three of us talked about the things that happened the past year, our hopes and wishes for the future.

My book Creative Acts of Healing: after a baby dies was published by Paseo Press in July of 1999. Shortly after that, PHD and I moved from the Pacific northwest to the East coast. We combined our trip across the US with a book tour. Between Seattle, WA and Storrs, CT, we made stops at bookstores and a church. I read, sold and signed books. Most of the people in my audience were bereaved parents, some were care givers, some were people who mourned the death of a loved one, more mature than an infant.

Not long after our infant daughter was born and had died, I learned that the language of grief speaks to people of all walks of life, to every single person who has lost a loved one. And that sharing our stories is one of the most healing and helpful things we can do.

I hope people who need to read my book, will find a copy. In their library, in the mail, in their support group. How I searched for reading material I could recognize my own situation, our ordeal in. I hope reading my story will help others.
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