Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Past Creative Acts and Present

In 1999, five years after our loss, my book Creative Acts of Healing: after a baby dies was published by Paseo Press.
Dr. Michael Berman OB/GYN wrote the foreword. In those days I often posted messages on the story board of Dr. Berman's informative site www.hygeia.org.

A friend in the Netherlands sent me the address of a Dutch support group for parents whose babies had died. Writing in Dutch about our loss was a new experience for me. I was astonished by the impact, telling the story in my mother tongue had on me. Before long I corresponded on a daily basis with other bereaved parents.
Since our loss had occurred five years earlier, I was able to offer others some perspective.

PHD called me the Ann Landers of Grief.

Around the same time I discovered Ouders Online, a Dutch internet magazine for parents. Women as well as men participated in daily forum discussions, some of which dealt with loss, grief and recovery. Inspired by the discussions I started writing a column for the magazine.

In the 2000 archive of Hope Filled Jars I'll be posting some of the Dutch entries I wrote back then.

I'll —now and then— write in retrospective about that time, five years back, in English in the present day blog.
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