Monday, June 13, 2005

Bestseller Multiple Choice

What's a bestseller?
-The book in the rack at the airport.
-The book in the rack at your drugstore.
-The book on the N.Y.Times bestsellers list.

What's a bestseller?
-The book the giant distributor ships the highest numbers of to booksellers.
-The book that may be returned to the distributor when it doesn't sell.
-The book that's most read.

-Which book gets front row exposure?
-The book that lends the bookseller a relationship with the author
-The book that will be most read.
-The book that earns its stay at the table with a fat check from the publisher.

Wanna read a book that's been chosen by only personally biased readers?
Go to The Lit Blog Coop for a fresh title.
The mere number of titles can wear you out.
But it beats the beaten path any day.
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