Thursday, June 23, 2005

Coffee Monopoly II

My friend, coffee connoisseur and word smith Joost Elffers points out that "koffie verkeerd" has no negative connotation in the Netherlands. And he's correct, how could it be in the land of "boter, melk en eieren" (butter, milk and eggs).

Still, I prefer the mouth puckering effect of pure coffee. And growing up in the Netherlands I had enough milk to last me a life time. At least that's what I hope, for osteosporosis runs in the family, and drinking coffee breaks down the calcium in yer bones. In that respect adding extra milk to coffee is a good idea.

"Verkeerd" in "koffie verkeerd" means that there's more milk than coffee.
More than usual, that is. And what is usual? Somewhere along the line, someone in the Netherlands must have decided that the proper way to have coffee is with a small cloud of cream or milk. And when someone else decided to use an inverse ratio, it was called "verkeerd", or turned around. Which in a way says something about the Dutch, doesn't it? There's one right way, and then there's another right way, which we'll call the other way, which after a while becomes the wrong way.
"Omgekeerd" (turned around) became "verkeerd". And which ever way you explain that, it remains wrong.

Meanwhile, don't get Me wrong, every person should have his/her coffee exactly the way he/she likes it, as long as I don't have to drink a latte. Or even an Americano with too much water, for that matter.
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