Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cruise Control is not Tom's Speed

Usually when someone gets riled about something or other, you can bet your boots, the something has something to do with him/herself.
I watched a snippet of NBC's "Today" show, where Tom Cruise offered a piece of his mind about psychiatry and medication.

Boyish, his hair a mess, buff, showing off his muscle tone, taking up as much space as a man possibly can (legs wide spread), he made his point, "Chemical imbalance doesn't exist!"

showing off
muscle tone
legs spread

My point, we don't pay the man to tell us how it is.
Least of all what's up with medicine or psychiatry.
If he wants to talk about himself, how he fights his demons, fine.
Everybody their own medicine.

Which doesn't mean that I don't believe "the news" that pharmaceutical companies and doctors are out to make us sick.

Once upon a time I had a doctor who did just that.
He told me that with my high cholesterol I could die 10 years sooner than necessary.
From the moment I heard him say that, I thought I was dying already (I forgot that we start the decent after 35 anyway).
He prescribed Lipitor® knowing I was still trying to get pregnant, while offering me infertility treatment (another surprise).
I did some research of my own and found out this is Not recommended. Pharmaceutical companies don't know yet what the cholesterol lowering medication does to a fetus.

After giving me a pelvic exam —he had already tossed out the speculum— he realized he had forgotten to take a sample and he fished the thing out of the trash!
Mixing up my file with that of the patient in the next cubicle, he told me at that same sitting that I was Diabetic. Something I knew wasn't true. At home I had the results of my bloodwork. I called him to tell him. He hung up on me.

Needless to say I left his practice.
I'm very happy with my present internist, who told me "You're not sick, you're healthy, you only have high cholesterol."

Anyway, to get back to Cruise, I would like to suggest to him, "Man, get your act together, get in the right gear, Cruise control is not your speed!"
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