Friday, June 17, 2005


Yesterday all volunteer architectural and general tour docents of the Seattle Central Public Library were invited to an appreciation party in the #1 space on the Meeting Room Level. An e-vite promised drinks and nosh, Which Floor Project funny movie and a presentation by former LMN architect Bob Zimmer.

With time on my side, I visited the FriendShop to look for Library specific gift articles, I can tell our patrons about.

First thought:
Pragnesh Parikh (LMN Architects, Seattle) has a keen and dramatic eye, and a limber body, I would like to add.
He must have got on all fours, perhaps flat on his belly, chin on the floor, to take the shot of Petra Blaise's botanical carpet on the Living Room Level.

Linear diamond grid above, lush floral design below, book cases to remind you where you are.

I ogled the photo, used as cover for a spiral note book in the FriendShop.
Good idea, perhaps I would make one myself.
Wanting to make things I see and like myself, is an irritating personality trait.

Within half an hour, Anne Vedella, the volunteer coordinator saved me, at least this time, from this compulsive habit.

As the volunteer with the second most donated hours in the past year (114 against the 122 my colleaguege architectural tour docent Hollis put in) I received the ogled notebook.

First Notes:
Easily 1000 individuals sign up to take a tour each month.
August 2004 a peak of 2000.
Between 200-600 people take organized group tours each month.
Half of those who take tour are from Seattle Metropolitan area.
About 100 of the monthly total are foreigners.
In April of 2005, 178.500 people went through the doors.
The Central Library has had a positive effect on local businesses.
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