Wednesday, June 22, 2005


If New York City has SOHO (neighborhood SOuth of HOuston) Seattle could have SOJA (SOuth of JAckson).
If that was the case, the first Public Library in the International District/ Chinatown could become known as SOJA Public Library.

For someone who speaks and thinks Dutch not so far fetched, soy after all is "soja" in my mother tongue. And where do I go for soy sauce and all other Asian groceries (not to mention excellent produce and even imported Dutch food)?
Exactly, South of Jackson!

Adopting SOJA, could put an end to the dispute about the proper name for a public library serving the Asian American community.

Or perhaps this would start another dispute: "Why does a Dutch immigrant come up with a name like that.
After all, the I.D. doesn't even have any European businesses!"

all rights © Judith van Praag 6/2005
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