Sunday, July 24, 2005

Not So Fun Park

Earlier I remarked I don't believe in translations. Well, let's put it this way, you can't always trust, that what you read in a translation is exactly what is meant in the original language. Take some of the entries on the otherwise excellent site Aussies in Holland.
Be informed that a theme park is called "pret park" in Dutch. Since Linnaeushof -Europe's biggest playground- is merely that, a giant playground, the author states it's "Not a fun park". Variations on that theme are: "more old fashioned fun parks", and "slow fun parks". The latter probably means there are no scary rides. I won't nag about a canoe ride by the moon, or hiring a boat or ship.
Took me years to discover that XING was short for Crossing. Wouldn't go as far as to claim I thought Xing was American for Zebra, but I came close. At some point the monkey came out of the sleeve. Any idea what that means?
I read English versions of Dutch books with an eye for literal translation. Laughter is healthy, you won't come to.
Go figure.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Home Body and Globetrotter (suit) Case of Art

Suitcase Sightings in Tacoma, brain child of project designer Lynn DiNino, starts in September. Great way to get to know the town, map in hand. See all of the -over a 100- suitcases on August 17, at the downtown Marriott's ballroom before they are installed around the city.

How many old city centers in the U.S. have died, lost their business to the -along the Interstate- shopping malls?
Crossing the U.S. in different directions I've seen countless downtown areas turned into ghost towns. For I always veer off the highway, I want to be downtown, I want to breathe the history of the city. I don't care for the recognizable chain restaurants with their blazing signs, their cookie cutter menus, the atmosphere more chilling than the air conditioning.

Tacoma has a wonderfully active art council. If the train to and from Seattle would run more frequently, we would move to Tacoma at the drop of a hat. Monumental buildings reveal the city's past economic importance. Their height reflects the promise of bygone days.

Today you'll find coffee shops, galleries, restaurants, shops, (old) theatres, and the cozy campus of U.W.'s Tacoma branch in what used to be a dead centre of town.
The city's Museums alone make a trip to Tacoma worth your while. The Museum of Glass, Union Station and Tacoma Art Museum cohabit in a convenient triangular "menage a trois". The first two connected by Chihuly's Bridge of Glass which crosses highway and railroad track.

Roman Polanski wins Vanity Fair Libel Suit

Der Liebling. What can I say other than that he moves me to tears. I don't care what anybody says or writes about him, his private life. As a film director he's a genius.

Elaine Kaufman (of Elaine's Restaurant) in an interview with Campbell Robertson published in The New York Times today 7/23, 2005): "It's not that anyone is lying; they all think they remember something. But these are creative types, artists, writers, intellectuals (she continued); everyone loves a good anecdote, and not all anecdotes are double-checked for accuracy.
"These guys are very funny," she said, referring to the crowd that frequented her restaurant in the 60's. "Writers when they're not writing."

Words pulled out of context, everyone's personal interpretation, all those different truths…
In Lou Reed's words: "Just a New York conversation, gossip all of the time. 'Did you hear who did what to whom ?', happens all the time."

In the end, what remains is Art.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Discovered in Translation

A gift reaches me by mail. A book of poetry. Landscape with Rowers, poetry from the Netherlands. Translated and introduced by J.M. Coetzee. Low lands is what I think.

Earlier I wrote to the generous person who presented me with this gift, that I don't believe in translation.
And yet, in this case Coetzee's poetic license makes my countryman, Gerrit Achterberg's poetry more accessible than it ever was when I attempted to read his sonnets in Dutch.

Achterberg suffered from mental illness and oft his work was critiqued with that knowledge in mind.
And that while most of the poets of the Fifties were creating incredibly free, odd verse, about things only they could see…

Monday, July 11, 2005


I'm a ghostwriter. I'm under cover. I've been reading. And now this: Born. Honestly, I have to spend less time online.
Gotta go.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

Front page news The Seattle Times:

Super Jolt! Blazers Snag McMillan……Summer heats up: Weekend events, Pirates' arrival…Housing market sizzles……Dinner at 8, table for 2 - 1,000 times. Once 2 for $70, now the set back is $130, twice or trice per week. Not to count the gasoline or ferry prices……Why state chose not to commit violent molester……Rapper Lil' Kim and journalist Judith Miller to jail……5 Americans held in Iraq……
Bombs in London……

Friday, July 01, 2005

What's in a Cake?

Another version of egg on your face, the luscious cream will soften your skin, depending on the fruit chosen, natural peeling agents will leave you with a startling glow. Just rinse off with tepid water and dab skin with fluffy towel. You'll feel like new!