Sunday, July 24, 2005

Not So Fun Park

Earlier I remarked I don't believe in translations. Well, let's put it this way, you can't always trust, that what you read in a translation is exactly what is meant in the original language. Take some of the entries on the otherwise excellent site Aussies in Holland.
Be informed that a theme park is called "pret park" in Dutch. Since Linnaeushof -Europe's biggest playground- is merely that, a giant playground, the author states it's "Not a fun park". Variations on that theme are: "more old fashioned fun parks", and "slow fun parks". The latter probably means there are no scary rides. I won't nag about a canoe ride by the moon, or hiring a boat or ship.
Took me years to discover that XING was short for Crossing. Wouldn't go as far as to claim I thought Xing was American for Zebra, but I came close. At some point the monkey came out of the sleeve. Any idea what that means?
I read English versions of Dutch books with an eye for literal translation. Laughter is healthy, you won't come to.
Go figure.
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