Saturday, July 23, 2005

Roman Polanski wins Vanity Fair Libel Suit

Der Liebling. What can I say other than that he moves me to tears. I don't care what anybody says or writes about him, his private life. As a film director he's a genius.

Elaine Kaufman (of Elaine's Restaurant) in an interview with Campbell Robertson published in The New York Times today 7/23, 2005): "It's not that anyone is lying; they all think they remember something. But these are creative types, artists, writers, intellectuals (she continued); everyone loves a good anecdote, and not all anecdotes are double-checked for accuracy.
"These guys are very funny," she said, referring to the crowd that frequented her restaurant in the 60's. "Writers when they're not writing."

Words pulled out of context, everyone's personal interpretation, all those different truths…
In Lou Reed's words: "Just a New York conversation, gossip all of the time. 'Did you hear who did what to whom ?', happens all the time."

In the end, what remains is Art.
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