Monday, August 01, 2005

Washington State Quarter

In April of 2004 I got involved as a volunteer with the Seattle Public Library. My aim was to become a docent/ tour guide, and to present architectural tours of the new Central library, designed by the brother of my old friend Thomas, Rem Koolhaas. During the first year of operation, I donated 114 hours. In June 2005, two fellow docents (they gave 122 and 112 hours of their time) and I were awarded a notebook with a photo of the Norcliff Foundation Living Room on the cover, as a "thank you" for our dedication. Simply said: We love the building and we know it inside and out.

When Governor Gregoire invited the citizens to submit a design for the new State Quarter in 100 words, I did my part.

The government counts in a different way than the People. The first time I entered my 100 words, I got the message: under 100 words please. I tried three times, editing, editing, editing. Finally bingo. 69 words according to my computer. Does make you think about other cuts, doesn't it?

This is what I entered (quoted words are for text on quarter):

"Washington 1889"
Outline state. Border Canada = mountain range horizon, Mount St. Helens
Smith Tower, landmark past, evergreen trees.
Airplane. Flying salmon.
SCPL (Seattle Central Public Library), landmark present and future in foreground.
"Washington Evergreen State".

Justification: Diamond shaped steel and glass grid lends itself well for graphic design. Building's inside/ outside effect honors surrounding city scape, and views of Evergreen State. Library harbors tools of wisdom and IS teaching took in itself.
Computer chips.
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