Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ghost writer's Kuticle Kiss ABC

Hopkins' Alphabet ...

A is for almond oil, ancient times, anti fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant.
B is for bottle, burns, (anti) bacterial, and beautiful nails.
C is for cuts and clogged, cosmetic purposes, and cuticle repair.
D is for a drop of Kuticle Kiss.
E is for eczema and ester.
F is for free radicals.
G is for glycosides.
H is for ho ho ba, when you read jojoba, hypo allergenic, and hair.
I is for infection and India where we find neem.
J is for jojoba, a liquid wax ester which equals skin therapy.
K is for Kuticle Kiss.
L is for lime oil, fresh & clean.
M is for meadow foam, minerals, and moisturize.
N is for nail fungus and for neem, a natural preservation agent.
O is for organic olive oil, oleic acid - the ingredients in Kuticle Kiss are 80% organic.
P is for penetrating powers, psoriasis, plant, pores, pure, and promote healing.
Q is for quick absorbing and quality ingredients.
R is for rosemary, reduce scars, restorative, refresh.
S is for sweet almond, superior, scars, sebum, skin, sealing sores, and sensory stimulation.
T is for tea tree, therapy, treatments, and tonic.
U is for 'U' will love it!
V is for vitamin E.
W is for WOW! What a difference.
X is for everyone.
Y is for yellow and Why not try Kuticle Kiss.
Z is zats it.
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