Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Abel Tasman's Journal & Polygoon Journaal

Abel Janszoon Tasman's travel log is going to be published by Waanders Uitgevers. The book, simply titled "Journaal" should hit the shelves in the Netherlands by March.
By typing "Journaal" in the search box before March 2006, you'll be directed Polygoon Journaal during WW II, a smart 5-piece DVD collection shedding a light on the news the Dutch were presented with before watching a movie in the theater. Founded in 1919, Polygoon created titles for silent movies. In 1921 the company started producing promotional films, or commercials for "Carlsborg" a mining company and flour factory "Holland".
In 1924 Polygoon made the first "Holland Nieuws", shot by camera men whose assignment was to fill a reel, no matter what. Thus providing wonderful footage for "stock shot archives".
From 1946-1986, movie theater visitors would become well acquainted with the distinctive Stem (voice) of the Polygoon Journaal: Philip Bloemendal. In 1999 The Voice passed away, but Philip Bloemendal's voice may still be heard.
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