Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Panama Hotel in International District

My favorite place to meet for a chat is the tea house of the Panama Hotel in the International District. Beside preparing a good pot of white (or other) tea, the baristas make a mean cup a Joe as well. Excellent strong java served in a cup with a saucer. No wonder the ladies love the place. Owner/ artist Jan Johnson has performed miracles with the once dilapidated building. She brought the place back to life. Once the center of "Little Tokyo" in the Seattle International District, the Panama Hotel may very well be called a revival center. If you check in at this reasonably priced, clean hotel, you can discover the International District, walk to Pioneer Square, and if you're up to it, to stunning Seattle Central Public Library designed by OMA.

With some exceptions the undersigned, SPL tour docent by conviction, volunteers her time for architectural tours on the first two Fridays of the month at 12:30 PM. In February she'll be there only on the 24th.
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