Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/24 Seattle

And if it wasn't for the missed exit (it's hard to stop after 6500 miles on the road) we would have been home already.

Now there's a stick I'll follow all the way home!

2/24 Early morning, Little Dog @ Motel 6 in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon

2/23 Little Dog sees Snow and Mount Shasta

Shasta and Trinity National Recreation Center a wonderful area.

2/22 Little Dog @ Super 8 Motel, Susanville, CA

A few miles before Susanville the headlights dimmed, soon they went out all together. The vehicle came to a halt on the off ramp for Super 8 Motel. A good Samaritan, his sedan equipped with a push bar, helped us off the road, to a safe place. AAA tow truck showed within 10 minutes, the garage was next door to the motel. The trouble was taken care of by noon the next day, but we had to cancel our appointments for Friday 2/24 in Seattle nevertheless.

2/22 Pit stop in Hawthorne, CA

Bunkers hidden for onlookers from above.

2/22 LIttle Dog in Death Valley and @ Scotty's Castle

2/22 Little Dog @ Exchange Club Motel in Beatte, CA

Motel 6 in former golddiggers' town Beatte, gateway to Death Valley, had no vacancies. We got the last room at the Exchange Club Motel. Across the street, the Hostel provides a good alternative, a room, with bathroom in the hallway for only $19.95. Still, probably ten times more than the price in the old days.
Exchange as in money for your gold.

2/21 Little Dog @ the Grand Canyon

Diminished by awesome nature, yes there are people up there, not just the boy in the foreground.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

2/21 Little Dog in Park along Highway 180

2/21 Little Dog @ Travelodge, Flagstaff, NM

2/21 Little Dog's breakfast: Sizzler steak bites

2/20 Pit Stop outside Alburquerque, NM

2/20 Baymont Inn and Suites, Santa Rosa NM provides wifi for Motel 6 next door

Silver Moon, American Mexican Restaurant came recommended by Motel 6 receptionist, but taco meat was greasy and tasteless. The cook never heard of cumin, oregano, chili powder or cayenne. We fled to trusted Denny's for cake and coffee.

2/19 Little Dog @ Motel 6, Santa Rosa, NM

2/18 No Dogs (any size) Allowed @ MOMA Fort Worth

Mocha didn't see similar installation in blue @ Donald Judd's former estate in Marfa, TX, 'cause dogs weren't allowed on either Chinati, or Judd Foundation premises.

2/17 Another Vroman Effect

Vroman Effect, originally uploaded by Luna Type.

"Dichter (bij) Leo".
On 2/17 Little Dog reached the ultimate destination of her trip to Texas, the lap of Dutch Poet Leo Vroman (1915)

Thuis bij Leo en Tineke (aka Georgine Sanders (1921)) Vroman gedraagt ons hondenkind zich warempel als een schoothondje.

Little Dog @ Homestead Inn, Fort Worth, TX

2/13 Granddog and Grandma at the Gulf of Mexico

2/11 Little Dog's P.O.V. from porch in Galveston

Oh, and the fenced in yard down below. Oh, and the rolling around in define smelling somethings. Two baths in a row a "thank you", for the delicious aroma… Suddenly LD's middle name is "No, no bad dog!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2/10 Little Dog @ Garage apartment, N1/2, Galveston

2/9 LIttle Dog's desk bed @ Motel 6, Oltorf, Austin, TX

2/9 Little Dog @ Motel 6, Oltorf, Austin, TX

2/8 Little Dog @ Motel 6, I-35 Austin, TX

Without a doubt the noisiest Motel 6 we ever stayed at. An oldtimer, built before I-35 became a river of traffic, a never ceasing flow of trucks and cars, and trucks and cars, and trucks, and cars, trucks, cars, trucks, cars, trucks, cars, trucks, carsÂ…
Even the A.C. couldn't block out the noise. We arrived too late at night to have a choice, but if you do, ask for a room in the back, it makes a BIG difference.

2/8 Little Dog in the Hill Country

Tender white chicken breast (without Casanova's bbq sauce for LD) in Blanco.

2/7 Greatgrandfather John Freeman

Almost eye in eye with Greatgrandfather John Freeman.
The original portrait hung in the John Freeman Building of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston until the building was torn down in 2005, to make way for a new research building for the Medical School.
The painting is kept in storage and will be placed in a prominent position in the new building, which should open in the fall of 2007.

2/7 Marfa @ Motel 6, Kerrville, TX

2/6 Little Dog jumps ditch at former Daniels Ranch on Rio Grande

Near Rio Grande Village, nowadays basically a campers and hikers trading post, pioneer Daniels created an oasis in the otherwise dry environment. He and his people installed a pump and dug ditches to create fertile grounds for farming, raising crops of corn and even green vegetables. Now the farm is deserted, all that remains is a small rock building and a watering system that have helped trees grow to heights seldom seen in the desert.

2/6 Little Dog at Daniels Ranch on Rio Grande

2/6 Little Dog challenges feed bag at Lajitas Rio Grande Park

After lunch and play time, we drove into the State Park. The Ranger tried to convince us to enter his park, follow the loop which would take us back to Marfa. But we opted to drive back up the hill, to Study Butte/ Terlingua and take the #118 to
Big Bend National Park Vistor Center and Park Headquarters.

2/6 Little Dog dips her feet in Lajitas Rio Grande mud

Gary had his mind set on doing laundry in Alpine, but turned out to be a real push-over. Easy, after all, he had a lifelong dream to visit Big Bend National Park. We stocked up on snacks and drove east. Following highway 170 we passed Study Butte/ Terlingua (where we heard singer/ songwriter/ artist Butch Hancock nowadays lives, in order to conduct white water rafting tours on the Rio Grande). Lajitas, on the Rio Grand has been discovered by project developers. A newly build ghost town hotel in Western/ Santa Fe style stands vigil over the river bed and the old trading post.
We found a spot from where we couldn't see all that "ongein" (Amsterdam Jiddish for no-fun) and had lunch seated on a bench overlooking the whisteling reeds.

2/6 Little Dog's friend in Alpine, TX