Saturday, March 18, 2006

Priced by the Kilogram

You've got to give it to Jürgen Heckrodt, a real East Frisian from the small town of Norden in Northwest Germany: he knows how to make the news.
In 2003 Mr. Heckrodt promised to introduce visitors to Hotel Wilden Mann in Lucern to the secrets of East Frisian tea culture. The article at the Teaclub Site mentioned that East Frisia was the ONLY teadrinking region on the European mainland.
"Nonsense", is my response to that. But nonsense often makes the news. Ain't that the truth?

However, I can't argue with the people of Norden-Norddeich when they claim that tea is the East-Frisian national drink. After all, their motto is: “Dree Koppie sind Ostfreesenrecht” (East Frisians have the right to three cups), and that three times a day.
At the East Frisian Tea Museum you can take it all in, the site, the smell and the taste.

Today The Seattle Times reports that Mr. Heckrodt charges guests to his hotel by the kilogram (2.2 Lb); their own weight times half a Euro ($0.61) that is. He had been getting too many super heavy lodgers and who knows, perhaps his beds were zagging, or he maybe he feels the need to install extra wide showers or potties.

Let's look how this might affect your hotel bill.
If I go by the weight I had as an eighteen-year-old: 65 Kg. the price of a one night stay wouldn't be too bad: € 32.50
And let's be honest, today I would be out a few more Euros, but the average weighing Joe or Jane won't be paying more than €40.00 per night. If you weigh in over 200 pounds however, you may have to dip into your wallet a bit deeper.
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