Saturday, April 08, 2006

Codex Tsachos - Judas' Kiss Re-interpreted

Judas, or Jehuda, the thirteenth disciple of Jesus, aka the Star, has been exonerated. Readers of the Codex Tsachos are sure, Judas set Jesus free enabling him to leave his worldly body behind and move on to the realm of light.

In the earliest versions of the New Testament, the Greek verb "paradidonai" was long translated as "to succumb, hand over", in context with Judas however the translation became known as "to betray". Imagine what the proper translation will mean to the publishers of bibles!

On a more personal level, the Judiths of this world won't need to get flustered anymore when those who can't pronounce "th" at the end of their name call them Judas. No more negative associations with "The Kiss". Judas has been vindicated, absolved, his name has been cleared. Hallelujah!
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