Friday, August 25, 2006

Dutch Drivers License

The end of the Dutch drivers license as we know it, is in sight. New license holders will receive the credit card shape which has been common in the US for the longest time. Those who already hold a license will have to wait until theirs has expirec before they will receive the new version.
I only wonder whether it shouldn't have been impossible for me to download the image of the new version?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dirk Hakze Paints the Colors of Music on the Beach of Hollum at Ameland

I want to be on the beach right now. I want to be on the beach and do the same thing Dirk Hakze is doing on the beach of Hollum at the isle of Ameland only I wouldn't plane anything, I'd plan it. I'm sorry a typo isn't the end of the world. Although the isles to the north of the Dutch main land can at times give you the feeling your Are at the end of the world.
Hakze is creating 72 paintings while listening to Symfonie nr. 1 e-moll opus 39 by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1885-1957). Visitors may put on head phones themselves to listen to Sibelius and watch what Hakze makes of the music combined with braking of waves, sea gulls yelling, people talking. True "plein air" action painting.
Wishing I was there. Wishing I was anywhere, on a beach, with 72 canvasses and all the blues on my brushes and in my ears.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Noorderzon, the Theater Festival of the city of Groningen, in the north of The Netherlands, takes place August 17-27, 2006. As always, and once again Groningen is a happening place.

A special sub-secton is focussed on theater arts from America. A great way to counter balance the news.

Noorderzon Director Mark Yeaman writes on the site:
"I am happy to say that our American programming this year is not of a particularly political nature, but is rather socio-political in focus. It lays no claim to being definitive of anything at all, but is offered rather in the sense of an invitation to reflection, a personal choice consisting principally of younger American artists at present little known here in Europe.
"Someone famously once said 'In a country as big as America, you can find fifty examples of anything.' Here are 8 examples of something, but as to what they are examples of, well, they must tell that themselves."

American artists trodding their stuff at the Noorderzon Theater Festival: Haitian-American violinist and composer Daniel Bernard Roumain, DJ Spooky (aka That Subliminal Kid), the Great Nature Theater of Oklahoma(putting the w in mellowdrama since 1995), performance artist Sara Juli, theater team (aka the A-team) Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental one woman powerhouse Hazelle Goodman, the interdisciplinary Miro Dance Theatre, and satirical performance artist Andrew Dickson.

Yeah! Go see, meet and experience a snippet of the "other America" in Groningen.

John Lennon

Every night after dinner my mother and I would do the dishes. While washing and drying, we'd listen to the English Course, and the news on television, stepping back to sneak peeks of cartoons and pop programs. My mother equally loved the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But John Lennon and Yoko Ono were where it was at with their Bed-in at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam in 1969. Born during the First World War, a survivor of the Second, she was all for peace. And Lennon's remark, "All we are saying is give peace a chance", made her a life long devotee.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Give Peace a Chance

David Grossman wrote among other booksThe Yellow Wind. Bill Moyers interviewed the author in 2002 about language, choices, moral.

Uri Grossman in Memoriam

Staff Sgt. Uri Grossman, the twenty-year-old son of author and peace activist David Grossman was killed two days after his father's call for cease-fire. Just last Thursday David Grossman, and fellow authors Amos Oz and A.B.Yehoshua proclaimed their opposition to continue the war in Lebanon. Today the truce is a fact. For so many too late. So sad.

Friday, August 04, 2006


The city of Groningen is HOT! The place to be, now, and in the future. On Tuesday August 15 you'll have a chance to check out a different level of urban life, as roof top possibilities are exposed by The City On A Roof foundation (COAR).

"…explore this headroom for urban development. Is it worthwhile to disclose this domain? In the context of local (Groningen NL) and global cultural trends and economic developments, one may wonder how this extra space could be used to add special new dimensions to the city as a living and working organism. Don't expect this publication to answer these questions or to provide blueprints for development of this area. The primary purpose of the foundation is to spread a virus of inspiration. We hope it will inspire you with new ideas and concepts, too."

The founders of COAR are: Chris Moller (S333 Architecture & Urbanism), Thuur Caris (Pavlov Medialab), Christophe de Jongh (Vlasblom Project Development) and David Inden (Silverroom Foundation).

Uit je dak gaan in Groningen

Op dinsdag 15 augustus zijn de daken in de stad Groningen het domein van een internationaal gezelschap kunstenaars, architecten, vormgevers en muzikanten. Do The RoofTopHop! speelt zich op vier locaties in de stad af: de Puddingfabriek, het Cascadecomplex, de daken boven de Vismarkt en op de Pathé Bioscoop.

Op het dak van de Puddingfabriek is een dorp gebouwd, dat laat zien hoe het leven op de daken eruit zou kunnen zien. Via boekhandel Scholtens-Wristers kunnen bezoekers over de daken van de Vismarkt lopen. Van zonsondergang tot middernacht is er werk van Mo Stoebe en Sophie Clements te zien en te horen. Bovenop de daken rondom de Pathé bioscoop worden concerten door Gerard Ammerlaan en Stephane Leonard gegeven.

Do the Roof Top Hop!

On Tuesday August 15, roof tops in the city of Groningen will be the domain of an international community of artistst, architects, designers and musicians. Do the RoofTopHop! takes place in four locations. At the Puddingfabriek (pudding factory), the Cascade Complex, on rooftops of buildings along the Vismarkt and at the Grote Markt on and around the roof of movie theater Pathé.

You can visit a village on top of the Pudding factory, and enter the Vismarkt higher level From sun down till midnight Mo Stoebe and Sophie Clements will present their work on the higher level of the Vismarkt. Access through Scholtens-Wristers bookstore.
From Pathé's roof top you can enjoy live concerts by Gerard Ammerlaan and Stephane Leonard.