Friday, August 04, 2006


The city of Groningen is HOT! The place to be, now, and in the future. On Tuesday August 15 you'll have a chance to check out a different level of urban life, as roof top possibilities are exposed by The City On A Roof foundation (COAR).

"…explore this headroom for urban development. Is it worthwhile to disclose this domain? In the context of local (Groningen NL) and global cultural trends and economic developments, one may wonder how this extra space could be used to add special new dimensions to the city as a living and working organism. Don't expect this publication to answer these questions or to provide blueprints for development of this area. The primary purpose of the foundation is to spread a virus of inspiration. We hope it will inspire you with new ideas and concepts, too."

The founders of COAR are: Chris Moller (S333 Architecture & Urbanism), Thuur Caris (Pavlov Medialab), Christophe de Jongh (Vlasblom Project Development) and David Inden (Silverroom Foundation).
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