Monday, August 21, 2006

Dirk Hakze Paints the Colors of Music on the Beach of Hollum at Ameland

I want to be on the beach right now. I want to be on the beach and do the same thing Dirk Hakze is doing on the beach of Hollum at the isle of Ameland only I wouldn't plane anything, I'd plan it. I'm sorry a typo isn't the end of the world. Although the isles to the north of the Dutch main land can at times give you the feeling your Are at the end of the world.
Hakze is creating 72 paintings while listening to Symfonie nr. 1 e-moll opus 39 by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1885-1957). Visitors may put on head phones themselves to listen to Sibelius and watch what Hakze makes of the music combined with braking of waves, sea gulls yelling, people talking. True "plein air" action painting.
Wishing I was there. Wishing I was anywhere, on a beach, with 72 canvasses and all the blues on my brushes and in my ears.
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