Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Noorderzon, the Theater Festival of the city of Groningen, in the north of The Netherlands, takes place August 17-27, 2006. As always, and once again Groningen is a happening place.

A special sub-secton is focussed on theater arts from America. A great way to counter balance the news.

Noorderzon Director Mark Yeaman writes on the site:
"I am happy to say that our American programming this year is not of a particularly political nature, but is rather socio-political in focus. It lays no claim to being definitive of anything at all, but is offered rather in the sense of an invitation to reflection, a personal choice consisting principally of younger American artists at present little known here in Europe.
"Someone famously once said 'In a country as big as America, you can find fifty examples of anything.' Here are 8 examples of something, but as to what they are examples of, well, they must tell that themselves."

American artists trodding their stuff at the Noorderzon Theater Festival: Haitian-American violinist and composer Daniel Bernard Roumain, DJ Spooky (aka That Subliminal Kid), the Great Nature Theater of Oklahoma(putting the w in mellowdrama since 1995), performance artist Sara Juli, theater team (aka the A-team) Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental one woman powerhouse Hazelle Goodman, the interdisciplinary Miro Dance Theatre, and satirical performance artist Andrew Dickson.

Yeah! Go see, meet and experience a snippet of the "other America" in Groningen.
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