Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ann Richards i.m.

Molly Ivens, one of our favorite columnists wrote a eulogy for Ann Richards that's right on the mark.
The closest I ever got to the former Governor of Texas, was in 1987, during my first visit to Texas, at U.T.'s girls' basketball game. "Who's that with the pastel power suit and the white hair?" I asked my host, pointing at a commending presence at the sideline. "Oh, that's our Governor, Ann Richards!" He said. I was impressed. No special box for Ms. Richards. She was right there, "on the floor" so to speak, cheering the winning girls on her feet. She wouldn't take things sitting down, not in the basketball court, not in the Capitol either. She'll be missed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lunardelli's Vinegar

Tasteless, nazi related advertising can't just be claimed by a Mumbai restaurant owner only. In 1995 winemaker Alessandro Lunardelli in Coloredo di Prato in Friuli Venezia Giuliastarted a "historical series" of quality wine. The labels "will remind us of the lives of famous figures in Italian and world history". The series "F├╝hrerwein" is a collection of 20 images related to the Third Reich. The Mussolini series only has 18 labels, "il communismo" six. Hitler can be found in other collections as well.

Bottles with these labels have become cult collector's items.

May Lundarelli's wine turn to vinegar on the drinker's tongue, may the grapes in the vineyard turn into raisins in the early summer sun.

European activists demand ban on the labels.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Tasteless Eatery Punit Shablok

Feigning ignorance, Punit Shablok, the owner of a new restaurant in Mumbai, India, named his establishment "Hitler's Cross".
Bollywood actor Murli Sharma was "amused" to see a poster of Hitler at the eatery.
Tasteless search for publicity in my opinion.
Imagine some entrepreneurs opening a restaurant on Rodeo Drive, naming it "Hindu Kush" or "Taimurlane", claiming: "We had no idea." Yeah, right.

What really ticks me off, is that these sick puppies get the publicity, the attention, even from me, But how can one Not react?

The answer to ignorence is education. Perhaps the Indian Jewish Federation and others will realize it's time for a for a Holocaust Museum in Mumbai which will give equal attention to all genocide.