Friday, September 01, 2006

Tasteless Eatery Punit Shablok

Feigning ignorance, Punit Shablok, the owner of a new restaurant in Mumbai, India, named his establishment "Hitler's Cross".
Bollywood actor Murli Sharma was "amused" to see a poster of Hitler at the eatery.
Tasteless search for publicity in my opinion.
Imagine some entrepreneurs opening a restaurant on Rodeo Drive, naming it "Hindu Kush" or "Taimurlane", claiming: "We had no idea." Yeah, right.

What really ticks me off, is that these sick puppies get the publicity, the attention, even from me, But how can one Not react?

The answer to ignorence is education. Perhaps the Indian Jewish Federation and others will realize it's time for a for a Holocaust Museum in Mumbai which will give equal attention to all genocide.
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