Thursday, October 19, 2006

Studio Job's answer to Frank Gehry

The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, always innovating, always ahead of fashion or fads, once again is the forerunner. Check out Studio Job's answer to Frank Gehry's card board furniture: serene, white furniture and objects made of paper. Studio Moooi (one letter removed from "beautiful", or one extra "o" to emphasize the exquisite beauty of their products, has put Studio Job's designs into production. The products are constructed around a light wooden frame, with honeycomb cardboard, covered in 2.5 mm MDF. The paper strips are molded and glued around this skeleton. No less than three layers of polyurethane ensure a perfect finish. Ready to use. Kudos to Moooi and to the Frozen Fountain, for once again carrying the torch for Dutch design of the highest level.