Monday, January 15, 2007

Cannabis Pharmacy in Groningen, NL

Last Friday the very first cannabis pharmacy opened its doors in Groningen.The organically grown herb is of pharmaceutical quality and had been available at pharmacies since 2003 for a high price. At the dedicated pharmacy chronically ill patients can turn in their prescription, and buy medicinal Cannabis for coffeeshop prices.
The pharmacy is an initiative of SMCN (Stichting Medicinale Cannabis Nederland) —a foundation dedicated to helping the chronically ill, who often live on a fixed budget, buy "mediwiet" (medicinal weed) for 6 € per gram.
Medicinal cannabis has been proven to affectively diminish nausea in cancer patients, affects tics suffered by patients of Gille de la Tourette syndrom and on complaints suffered by patients with M.S. (multiple sclerosis). For background information in English, check out SIMM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gluten Free in Seattle

Dietary restrictions can really put a damper on traveling. Whether you suffer from Coelic or Celiac Disease (gluten sensitivity) any other allergies, or from food intolerance (immediate adverse reaction to food, no histamines involved) you can have a hell of time finding a restaurant that caters to your needs. Or better yet satisfies your cravings.

In Seattle you'll find a good number of fine eateries that will make you forget you're on a restricted diet —while the memory lapse won't get you into trouble.

Check out Bamboo Garden in the lower Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, a couple of blocks north of the Space Needle. Just tell your server restrictions regarding preparation of the dishes you wish to order.
The Bonefish Grill on west side of Lake Union, provides a menu with with clearly marked GF dishes.

At Cafe Flora in Madison Valley, know for the vegetarian dishes, you'll also discover non-dairy and gluten free options on the menu.

Up the hill from Cafe Flora, in the same hood, you'll find the Impromptu Wine Cafe Bar where chef Dan promises to create a great meal for people: "…who have felt tentative about eating in restaurants".

Visit The Flying Apron Bakeryin the UW (University of Washington) District for organic, gluten free and wheat free products, often sweetened with alternatives for sugar.

Three times hurray for Lombardi's Neighborhood Italian in Ballard, where you may request a GF menu.

On Sundays Restaurant Zoe waves corkage fees, so feel free to bring your own bottle to enjoy with a meal especially created with your sensitivities in mind.

A great choice on lower Queen Anne Hill for dinner and drinks before or after the theatre is Ten Mercer. Best is if you notify them ahead of time, so they can accomodate your dietary needs. For spur of the moment visits, ask for the GF menu they have on file.

Wild Ginger, a popular Pan Asian Restaurant across the street from the Seattle Symphony on Third Avenue can accomodate most dietary needs. Their kitchen caters to Triple Door a music venue with eclectic gigs.

National chain restaurants such as The Old Spaghetti Factory, the Outback Steak House (same owners in Seattle as Bonefish Grill), PF Changs and Red Robin offer gluten free options upon request.