Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top Pot Doughnuts, Starbucks and your Heart

The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks wanted Top Pot Doughnut fryers to switch from hydrogenated oils to using palm oil, because Starbucks wanted to eliminate the trans fats in its baked goods.

Excuse me, since when is palm oil good for your heart?

Sure, crude palm oil has more carotenoids (think orange) than your trusted carrots (but then again looses that good orange when heated) it is high in antioxidants, Vitamind A and E (which by the way doesn't seem to do a thing for your health according to the latest studies), AND comparisons by researchers of palm, soybean, peanut oils and lard show that palm oil increases levels of good cholesterol and reduces levels of bad blood cholesterol.

BUT there's convincing evidence that palm oil with its high saturated fat content may risk development of cardiovascular diseases.

No biggy to me, I don't eat Doughnuts anyway. Too many calories for too short a high. What with that refined flour, refined sugar, deep fried fatty stuff. You eat, you absorb (no digestion necessary), and then, brother you experience a drop in blood sugar level that sends you straight up the nervous breakdown elevator (funny contradiction, no?). And when you hit the ceiling, the cables break and you go down, with a speed you didn't hold possible.

Nah, donuts are not for me. Gimme some slow burning, long lasting thrill, something to chew on, something with a flavor that makes me want to savor the aftertaste, not that bitter on the back of your tongue memory of frying oil. If I have to have my cake and eat it too, do me some good old fashioned pound cake. Refined everything, yes, but also a lingering memory of butter and eggs, and a hint of lemon, Yeah!