Friday, May 18, 2007

Hugh Chou Coffee Calculator

The price of coffee blows my mind. And I'm not talking about the price of beans per pound. After all, for the price of two lattes, I can fill three thermos cans with excellent strong coffee at home. My secret is that I always grind my favorite beans extra fine, just one or a couple of notches before the espresso grind position on the store's grinder. We do have our own grinder at home, but to be honest, freshly ground right before brewing or within a week of use really doesn't make much difference to me. Another secret is that I quit using regular coffee filter. Beau uses the gold filter, which does away with the need of paper all together, and I use unbleached paper towels. Ever since I ran out of filters (for my smaller coffee maker) I've been folding my own, and the taste is so much better.
So, I don't need to be won over for Hugh Chou's ideas about making coffee yourself, but he's got some calculators on his site I'm going to check out after I fix myself another cup a Joe.
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