Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paintings by Maarten Ploeg in Weert (NL)

Visiting the Netherlands? Venture off the beaten path, and take the train, or the car to Weert in the utmost southern province of Limburg.

Every Sunday of the month you can see another art presentation or exhibit at the Kunsthal in Weert.

The weekend of June 3rd, some paintings by Maarten Ploeg will be on view.

Still in Art School in Amsterdam, Maarten Ploeg and Peter Klashorst founded the new wave band Soviet Sex. In the art world they and fellow students became known as De Nieuwe Wilden (The New Wild Ones). After the release of their first album Happy End, Klashorst went his own way and Ploeg and his brother Rogier, continued performing with a new pop band Blue Murder.

An accomplished painter, musician, teacher and television program maker, Maarten Ploeg died of cancer in February of 2004.

At you can check out a few short flicks featuring off-beat performances, clearly created by artistic minds such as Maarten Ploeg's wife, the audio visual artist Ryu Tajiri

Maarten Ploeg lives on in his work.

Blue Murder keeps on going strong if only online.
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