Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer Reading

Still reading: Peerless Flats by Esther Freud (of Hideous Kinky), in the middle of: Where I Was From by Joan Didion.
Started, French Lessons, by Alice Kaplan and that's just what's in front of me.
Have been filling summer days with reading, writing and gardening.
Ate fresh figs, new potatoes, broccoli blossoms, chard, red beets, leaving cherry tomatoes to others (they give me hives).

Suffered information overload and guilt over piles of paper. Cancelled local paper, only read N.Y. Times, digital NRC, NextBook newsletter and whatever other e-mail that comes my way.

This is the time to smell and pick sweet pea blossoms, bake cakes with fresh peaches, grill chicken and salmon.
Drink tea and read in the late afternoon, under the parasol in the back yard.
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