Friday, September 21, 2007

Duikjoodbasis - movie about life in hiding during WW II

Word Play Lost in Translation

If you happen to be or go to Amsterdam, you shouldn't miss the Amsterdam Historic Museum. The place to learn about Amsterdam through out the ages. 
The museum's permanent collection includes a movie made by Dutch Jews in hiding during World War II. 

Boredom was Motive for Movie Making
In 1983, Hololcaust survivor Harry Swaab,  said his idea for the movie came up as a means against boredom. The group of people, in hiding above night club Alcazar downtown Amsterdam, "play acted" the rituals of their own daily reality: eating, dividing toilet paper, exercises in hiding within their hiding place.

Duikjoodbasis - Submarine
The Dutch word for submarine is duikboot. The expression for "going into hiding" is "onderduiken" (going under, as in diving). 
The film makers changed boot (boat) into jood (Jew) [eode]which rhymes with boat. 
Alcazar was their base (basis). Wordplay, lost in translation.
On May 28, 1943, the film makers were taken from their place of hiding, and transported to a concentration camp. No telling how many of them survived. Harry Swaab did, and so did his movie. 

Monday, September 10, 2007

Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center Seattle, Washington

100 Years of Excellent Care
In 1907, Anne Clise and 23 of her female friends started the first facility in the Pacific Northwest where children could be treated against inflammatory rheumatism. Her vision was to care for children regardless of race, religion, gender, or a family's ability to pay. 
While care has extended since, today Seattle's Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center is still guided by Clive's ideas.
Children's first 100 years were marked by 25 Top Events.
100 Years of personal stories of young patients can be found on Children's web site.
Children's 1907-2007 
KOMO TV created an hour long special: A Century of Caring and Hope.

Luly Yang Fashion Show at Paramount Theatre Benefit for Seattle Children's Hospital

On September 19, 2007, the Paramount Theatre opens its doors to fashion buffs and fans of Couture Fashion Designer Luly Yang. Once again Luly lends her creative heart to benefit Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

Martiniziekenhuis - Hopeful Color Scheme in Martini Hospital - Groningen

Unless presented on paper, a diagnosis is seldom just black and/ or white, and gray tones may appear in color, depending on the view of the beholder. 

Years ago I visited the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. I was impressed by the colorful approach inside the departments. No pristine white, but bright touches and imaginative art could be found all through the building. There's nothing like colors of life to take away the edge of fear.

The just opened, brand new Martini Hospital in Groningen sports lively and yummy colors, lavender, caramel, citrus to name a few.