Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arnaud and Mia Beerends

A day or so after I learned that the artist Arnaud Beerends had died, I talked on the phone with his widow Mia. Two days after our conversation Mia as well had passed away. What a shock!

I remember the two of them from birthday parties at the home of one of their daughters, our friend Hagar. Arnaud the white plumed, fun-filled presence with his delightful and pretty Mia always on his side. Inseparable.

As an immigrant I feel the need to spend some time thinking about folks whose lives touched mine, ours.

Arnaud and Mia leave an indelible memory, Arnaud Beerends also a lovely body of art, including a memorial monument for Steve Biko, a World War II Plague and countless poetic mixed media pieces.
Thanks to the web site that his son-in-law Broes created we can pay our respect by viewing (hit "vervolg" at lower left corner home page) the images of his work.

We remember fondly the times we spent under one roof with Arnaud and Mia, celebrating their wonderful extended family.
Our hearts go out to those who remain.
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