Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holland Acht Exceptional

Watching the news, staying in tune with what's happening in their own country and around the world, is a Dutch national pass time. Especially the baby boomers and older honor the nearly sacred minutes between 8-8:30 p.m. "when the news comes on".

Younger Dutch are no different, they need their fill on what's happening, and added to that, they want to keep their circle of friends and relatives posted on what's happening in their lives, no matter where they are. Not being able to do so causes great frustration.

Dutch rowers are once again represented by a team of Holland Acht ((in 1996 Holland Acht took the Gold Medal home from Atlanta). This week the top of Dutch rowers will cut the water again in the Olympic rowing finals. When Exception IT, the team's sponsor, discovered that the athletes weren't able to connect with the folks back home through Hyves (the Dutch social network site and variation of MySpace) the sponsor installed a web server just for that purpose. Exceptional sponsoring indeed.
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