Thursday, August 21, 2008

Subsidized Art in the Netherlands

Starting January 1, 2009 a renewed art subsidy system will go in effect. Minister Plasterk (Culture Department of the Dutch Government) will directly subsidize the companies he considers of vital importance to a healthy Dutch cultural life.

61 Organizations listed to receive the Minister's Structural Long-Term financial support won't have to apply for funds every four years.
Among the lucky between whom 230 million Euro will be divided: De Nederlandse Opera, Het Nationaal Ballet, Het Nederlands Danstheater, symphony orchestras, museums and supporting organizations.

145 Companies and organizations will receive their subsidies from the Minister as well. As to how the 76 million Euro will be divided, and among whom, the Minister will be advised by the Raad voor Cultuur (Culture Council) every four years after the companies have submitted their applications for funding. In the years between 2009-2012 Toneelgroep Amsterdam, as well as certain large dance companies, but also theater workshops for young theater makers and youth theater will be subsidized.

All other (recognized) art institutions will receive financial support from other funding sources of the government, of which the Nederlands Fonds Podium Kunst (NFPK - Netherlands Foundation for Performance Arts) has 86 million to divy up. Foundations such as the NFPK only need to report back to the Minister, and have more independence to make decisions as they see fit.

59 Companies that were previously subsidized are losing their funding for the period 2009-2012.
In their place (newer) companies that showed greater cultural business sense have been rewarded with a four year subsidy.
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