Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pink Door in Seattle

Last Saturday, during a celebration at the Seattle Public Central Library we greatly enjoyed listening to the Hot Club Sandwich Band. We liked them so much, I ordered one of their CDs online. Today I received a personal acknowledgment from guitarist Greg Ruby, and discovered that this talented swing guitarist has a regular gig at The Pink Door. At first I mistook Pink for Triple, I'd never heard of the former, but really like both programming and food at the latter.

After having enjoyed a dinner show at Teatro Zinzanni last week (oh, what a show), our appetite for dining and entertainment has been whetted. And now that we've already heard Greg Ruby play, and know that he's Good, we'll have to go to The Pink Door on a Thursday to listen to the Rubymeister and his Musetto Trio, while trying the chef's Italian American cuisine.

The Pink Door has it's own web site of course, and what did I find under events?
Oh, it's too good to be true, a cocktail with —believe it or not, Oregon vodka— concocted especially for Obama!
We've got to go and try an OBAMA-RAMA at The Pink Door in Seattle One buck of each drink goes to Obama's campaign.
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