Monday, November 17, 2008

Collaborative Publishing

In these days of print on demand, publish online, e-journals and e-books, the old fashioned letter press is all but extinct. Conceptional artist Ann Hamilton created 7200 square foot maple wood floor computer routed with a repetition of 556 first sentences in 11 languages from books in the world collection of the Seattle Central Public Library. The sentences are inverted, a reference to and reminder of the letter press.

While printing is not less of an art form than it ever was, it most definitely is more of that than ever.

Where quick, quick, or you're history, is the tune of the day, the interest for slow food, slow motion, slow this and that is on the rise.

Correspondences by Ben Greenman the postmaster is an intriguing collaborative project, a book created by the author and the creative folks at the Hotel St. George Press.

However, the fact that the people inside Hotel St. George make use of a time consuming laborious letter press does not mean they are not with the times. On the contrary. Enter their virtual home and an innovative system of unheard of collaborative writing projects will be unveiled in front of your eyes.
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