Monday, April 20, 2009

Show Your Support for Bidder 70

Tim DeChristopher aka Bidder70 is sued and indicted, but keeps his head level, and his feet on the ground and maintains as
Woody Guthrie wrote: This Land is Your Land.

Still Tim needs all the help he can get.

When: April 28, 2009 11:45 am
Time Zone: (GMT-6:00) America: Denver
Location: Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse, 350 South Main St., Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Three years ago we came home from a road trip to Texas, and were thrilled to find that watching Tommy Lee Jones in the movie Three Burials of Melquiades Estradaallowed us to prolong our memories of the Texan-Mexican borderlands.

This time it's the duo Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen in AppaloosA that take us back in memory to the prairie we so recently crossed.

If you loved Mortensen as Strider in The Lord of the Rings, you will hardly recognize this clearly versatile actor in the West Point trained right hand of the marshall portrayed by Harris. An odd duo if there ever was one, they discuss affairs of the heart the way no Western hero ever did.

As is often the case, the special features offered with the DVD add understanding and appreciation of actors and folks behind the scenes. Ed Harris who also had the director's role is most generous in pointing out not just the accomplishments of the cast, but of nearly every crew member. The IATSE must be pleased to get more than bugs in the movie's credits.

This said, I shouldn't forget to mention the amazing Jeremy Irons, whose classy English act makes for an utterly charming but unpleasant bad guy, or the lovely but cunningRenée Zellweger who surprises, albeit mostly the men (both in the movie and those in the audience with her ulterior motives.
Btw did I mention we just returned from a road trip? We drove by Ms. Zellweger's home town, Katie, TX. (nah, no link, the only thing that makes the town memorable is that Renée was born there).
The rest of the cast is equally splendid, if you take time to listen to Ed Harris talk about their involvement you'll appreciate them even more.

The scenery speaks for itself. Big Sky, prickly bushes, sand and no doubt rattlers waiting to attack …

Home Security

Opening shots show nice neighborhood in Houston, TX. with large homes on large lots surrounded by gated fences.
A security specialist set out to prove how easy it is to break into a home, is seen leaving a ball park where a whole family has gone on a Saturday morning to watch the young son participate in a Little League game. In the parking lot the Security man (from here on the perp) steals the family's SUV (apparently that's easy to do).

The GPS device is programmed to get the driver of the vehicle 'home' from any given location. The perp opens the gate with the help of the remote control, that's "hidden" behind the vizor. The garage door is opened the same way. Once inside the garage, the perp finds the door to the house unlocked.
He quickly walks through the house to look for valuables and rounds up a few items he deposits in the stolen car, he'll be able to depart in. If he wanted to do so that is. Instead the honest burglar calls the family, just as they're entering the parking lot, looking for the car that isn't there, to tell them he's got it, at their home.

What did you learn from this? the Security man asks the family members.
"That I should listen more to what Jim says about locking doors and so on," the wife says.

Eh, well there was more to learn of course, and the Security man makes that clear in a voice over.
Lock your doors and windows.
Don't keep your remote control in your car.
And don't keep the GPS in the car.

Used to be you only had to make sure you didn't show your name and address on your key chain. An honest finder might return it, but a dishonest one might check whether you're home and take advantage of your absence when you're not.
But now we have other things that are dead-on give-aways (no pun intended).

Bloggers with some fame —local celebrities— who announce they're going out of town, are inadvertently letting burglars know they won't be home. People who are active at social or professional platforms share their travel plans without giving it a thought. A nice way to show how many miles you've been on the road or in the air, but …

While you hope you can trust people in your community, the internet community is larger than life, and the 6 degrees of separation bring people into our circles who may be interested in more than just our chatting, twittering, and other forms of exclamation.