Sunday, June 07, 2009

Linkin Park's Brad Delson has got more to say than Golden Globe winner James Franco

The actor James "Gucci Face" Franco is so busy with a new film, that he's let go of the opportunity to present the commencement address at his Alma Mater UCLA. At least that's what we are made to believe.

Apparently a group of UCLA students argued that someone that close to their own age, and a one-time fellow student can't have anything worthwhile to share with them. After all, Franco was a drop-out, who only after his successes in the film bizz went back to school to get a degree in Creative Writing.

Franco, who received a Golden Globe Award for best actor as the lead man in Mark Rydell's Bio Tv-film James Dean, can also be seen in Milk. Earlier he became known for his role as Harry Osborn in Spider-Man films.

Some of those fellow students gathered on FaceBook to spew their dismay.
UCLA Students Against James Franco as Commencement Speaker has 646 leden. But that doesn't mean all of the 646 were against Franco's appearance as speaker at UCLA. After all, in order to post (pro or con) on The Wall of a FaceBook group you have to become a member.

The mouth piece of the Bruins expresses his appreciation of Franco as an actor, but stresses that a peer doesn't have enough experience to share, if only because most Bruins are not aiming at an acting career.

The founder of the contra opposition group Students Against UCLA Students Against James Franco as Commencement Speaker (149 leden) thinks it's all a bunch of nonsense: "Those UCLA students should show more respect for the arts, and not be so pretentious about it."

And now, who are the Bruins to listen to? Instead of James Franco, Brad Delson lead singer and guitarist of Linkin Park will now be the one to present the commencement speech.

Is BigBadBrad a better choice?
Kelly DiProspero, founder of another FaceBook group "People Against UCLA Students Against James Franco" doesn't think so. She writes, "Really? The lead guitarist from Linkin Park would be a better speaker at your graduation than James Franco?"
Capitalizing her words, she virtually yells, "REALLY!?!?!?!?"

The members of the contra opposition group think the whole thing is based on envy.

This article was published earlier today at the Dutch het Cultureel Persbureau
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