Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Art of Blogging

A blog post by Mia Easton at She Writes triggered thoughts on blogging in general and my blog in particular. Five years ago I launched both my website and my first blog the one you're visiting right now. Thinking of what had occupied my mind for 12 years, I shook the name Hope Filled Jars out of my hat. Can't say I knew exactly what the blog was going to be about. But I did know I wanted the webmaster to include a link on my website before letting it go live.

At that time I'd been writing a column, book reviews and articles for a Dutch web magazine for five years. I was in on the difference in style between writing for paper and for web content. Still, I felt I had to be very careful about what I "gave away" for free on my blog. Anything I saw fit to sell, I kept to myself.

Along the way I discovered that posts about more personal issues, such as hyperacusis, loss of sense of smell, or being an artist and a mother who doesn't get to see her daughter grow up, got more hits than anythings else.

Still it's taken me the five years (my magical destiny number) I've been creating blogs for myself and others, to come to the point where I'm willing, and even aiming at, writing more open-ended posts. Quite a feat for someone who likes to write well rounded pieces (the equivalent of having the last word). It wasn't until dialogue2010 and getting involved with the women writers and entrepreneurs blogosphere that I started to realize why some blogs get a lot of attention, and why mine did not.
The art of blogging is dialogue.

What is your secret? How do you get readers to respond to your blog posts?
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