Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Look Out for Snail Mail

It used to be that hearing the mailman deliver word from friends and relatives was the highlight in my day. Nowadays the bark of Mocha, my twenty-pound guard dog merely announces her nemesis dumping bills and magazines, plus holiday cards and calendars for the previous owners of our house in the box at the front door. Electronic mail is delivered 24/7 in one of the four virtual mailboxes I maintain. I've turned off the "you've got mail" feature, as to not be constantly reminded of new arrivals. What I do look forward to though, is the ringing of the telephone, or the jingle of Skype, telling me I may hear the voice of a friend or loved one.

What makes your day, a real letter in the mail, a phone call from a far-away friend, or a comment on your blog?
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