Friday, March 05, 2010

The Silence Between Friends

At times during dialogue2010 the conference call with nine other women, I was amazed to hear the silence —usually reserved for encounters between the best of friends— between remarks, when each of us pondered the effect of what the other said.

As Rose Deniz states: Dialogue is Art

In our virtual expat-HAREM mutual respect and willingness to listen carefully made up for invisibility. The hour flew by and when we stopped I had the feeling we had reached the starting point for future conversations.

After barely six hours of sleep I woke up the morning following dialogue2010 with my mind racing, ready to pick up the conversation where we had left off the previous evening. I wanted to share the notion that I felt found. My situation wasn't so different from that of the others. I, the one who supposedly had it so easy living in America, realized: I as well am a hybrid, the foreigner, the stranger in a strange land, coming in, willing to open up, to honor and respect, hoping to make a difference, honoring her own background, while taking in all that's new.

When did the notion that you were no longer a tourist and visitor in your adopted country hit home?

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