Thursday, March 04, 2010

From Kitchenwaste to Black Gold

If I ever saw a badly created apple peel it's the one in the photograph. The peel should be so thin, that all you see is the shiny skin, not any of the moist flesh of the fruit. Any excuse? Nah, not really, sleepiness perhaps. My daddy taught me better, I know that much! In "Painting for Life" the book I'm working on, one of the sections is dedicated to "How to Peel an Apple".

The picture shows the empty yogurt container, which so far is filled with:
*a piece of used paper towel on the bottom
*coffee grinds plus paper cone**)
*tea bag
*apple peel and core
**) Gary bemoans the demise of his gold filter but they are available for his new coffee maker, all he has to do is follow the link to wisegeek.

Later today we'll add the veins of lettuce leaves, potato peel et cetera.
Off late the City of Seattle's Utility Department allows (no urges) us to put all kitchen scraps in the yard waste. Cooked leftovers, rice with sauce and even animal protein including dairy. All of which, together with the kitchen waste of all those amazing Seattle restaurants will be made into the most luscious, dark, mysterious life force known as compost. A-ma-zing!

Chicken skin in my kitchen waste though? Don't think so. Perhaps well-wrapped in newsprint, and dumped in the yard waste bin for the good utility folks to dispose of, but most definitely not mixed in with the kitchen waste that will go into our own compost heap. I can well image the wild party we'd have in the backyard, all the meat eating critters would notify their kin and friends. No, I'd rather keep the compost crew limited to worms and toss in some thicker apple peel for them. After all worms are the garden laborers creating black gold from yard and kitchen waste.
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