Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chocoloate Pudding, Aioli + the Art of B.S.

At Odd Fellows Hall smack beside Elliott Bay Book Company's new home on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Plenty in time for PEN World Voices reading (more about that later) we opted for dinner at The Tin Cafe. The hanger steak, which I had vowed never to order again in a restau (tough chewing at Le Pichet, CafePresse, Cafe Campagne) was the very best I've had in this city. The chard with sauteed button mushrooms delicious. The spring chicken served with excellent potato mash and buttered carrots was tender but not outstanding in flavor (which works to my favor since I'm intolerant to many spices).
A can of shoe string fries was cooked just a tad too brown (one notch) and instead of the aioli mentioned on the menu we got plain mayo, that was a disappointment, I love my aioli!
The waiter claimed any sauce of this mixture would basically be called aioli. Eh, get out of here, garlic makes aioli aioli!
His remark made me think of something I read recently (but where) about the uncanny ability of men (in general ha, ha) to claim knowledge where they have none. Even my husband calls that B.S.-ing by the way. Harry G. Frankfurt wrote a book about the art of B.S., titled On Bullshit.
Still very enjoyable meal in Grand Cafe/ Belgium cafe style open space. Even the acoustics (noisy!) didn't turn us off. And the pudding was yumbo yummy! As good as my mom's and that says something.

How do you react as a cook/ chef/ gourmand when a waiter is trying to sell you B.S. Send him back to the kitchen?
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