Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Cubist Gertrude Stein Portrait

I dug up the 1998 print of the collage "Two Muses, Two Muses" after reading Renate Stendhal's blog post at SheWrites Why do something when it can be done
After hearing the announcement on NPR (in 1998) that Rebecca Brown was organizing a 24-hour Gertrude Stein-a-thon at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle I proposed to add an exhibit of designs I created for video presentation of Three Plays. Inspired by the preparatory goings on at Hugo House, I borrowed a pile of books on Stein from the library. Matisse has always been a favorite of mine. When I came across Gertrude Stein's literary portrait of Matisse, I decided to make a portrait of Stein in Matisse's later applique-like style, using a photocopy of a photo I found in one of the books.

Thus the title "Two Muses, Two Muses", borrowing something from both the writer and the painter, each of whom has been my muse.

After making the collage, I couldn't stop. I tacked the burlap I had lying around on a 4'x8' board and made a larger than life painting of the writer while listening to her reading her portrait of Matisse. Listen to Stein recite and you may understand my obsession.

My dear friend, former dancer Lori Mitchell poses with Gert for the sake of scale.

If you're an artist, which writer/ poet triggers your artwork, if you're a writer/poet, which artist has triggered your writing?

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