Friday, June 11, 2010

Head Back for this Dutch Treat - Craving a ... what?

The tags in the tweet by @TabletMag for Katie Robbins's article in Tablet magazine would have been a dead give away, but it was the announcement of a Dutch Treat in Tablet's newsletter that caught my eye before I'd even logged in to my Twitter account. What could it be? Something about our proverbial thriftiness perhaps?

The moment Tablet's website had loaded and I saw the photograph with the article I knew, and so did the little guys who work at my physical memory bank. My mouth started watering. Even although pickled herring isn't my favorite, the sight of soggy pickles coupled with the white flesh and blue skin of the marinated fish did the trick. Can't help it, I'm conditioned that way. No matter that I have a sensitive stomach, been suffering from hiatus hernia since childhood and GERD will hit me with a vengeance (I'll spare you the details, if you're interested, just click on the links) if there's anything that proves my Dutch heritage it's the click, click, clicking in my memory bank when I see a ***haring***.

"Oh, wat snak ik naar een Hollandse Nieuwe."

Oh, how I crave a New Dutch Herring I thought in Dutch, yes, that's what happens, just the way I'll think of "poffertjes", "oliebollen" and "Nieuwjaarsrolletjes" in Dutch, I "Snak naar een Hollandse Nieuwe." And don't think (with all due respect to the hosts) that the haring we eat on Koninginnedag in Seattle comes even close to true Hollandse Nieuwe!

The Volkskrant reports that the first barrel worth €58,000 has arrived, but if I go by Tablet Magazine's article New Yorker's have got their own! OMG if it was just a matter of getting on the subway, I'd rush to The Grand Central Oyster Bar for the Holland Herring Festival.

Anybody going to/ coming from N.Y. one of these days?

Do you have a similar response to a food or drink of your native country? Any food memories that turn you into a lyrical fool?

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