Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo Editor/Devil - Git Friendly or Git!

Hi, my name is Judith and I'm an editor 

Initially I wrote incorrigible editor, but that would have been too funny. Eternal editor comes close, it sounds like a sentence for life, or a life sentence. Internal editor, I could settle for that, but for the fact that "I am an internal editor", doesn't really cut it. I would have to change the beginning and make it something like: "My eternal editor has woken up", or, "this morning my internal editor woke me up and started arguing right off the bat." Whichever way I put it, my eternal editor started bashing the internal one, and since my Ego and ID were caught in between, I had to get up.

If you think the editor in me is keeping me from writing you're mistaken.

Nobody can keep me from writing. Not even the little devil that sits on my shoulder impersonating everyone I've ever known, who has said that there's nobody in hell (or on earth for that matter) who could be interested in one more original story. 

"What could you possibly have to tell (that's new)?" in other words, "There's nothing new under the sun", or the unintentional (one hopes) "There's enough BS being published already."

A real road block is thrown in the writer's path by relatives exclaiming "I don't want to know (read: the world to know) that my uncle was a crook."

The editor in me lets me write up a storm, but on a different level, she starts correcting my words and sentences, or challenging me, saying: what if this or that happened in such and so way. This is something I can live with any other day, week, or month, but not during NaNoWriMo.

The whole idea of participating in National Novel Writing Month is that you go with the Flow and write like the devil is after your very own butt. For most writers that's not a hard notion to imagine.

Until Day #15 I was doing fine, every now and then I'd start dreaming during a Word War (when NaNo Warriors who have found each other on FaceBook start writing like fiends at the word GO and compare word count when TIME is called after one hour) but I'd whip myself back on track.

On Day #16 I was struggling with how and where I wanted the story to go. Was Sophie going to force Nita to tell Jake the truth while visiting her parental home, or could I delay that moment, or was the keeper of the gate who guards my own family's secrets trying to throw me for a loop. 
Too Much Information (is this me or my internal editor, the cute little pesky devil on my shoulder, or the devil in disguise saying this?). I started reading instead of writing and before I knew it time was up and my word count had dwindled.

Day #17 I confronted my personal antagonists, told them to either shut up, or work for me, that I wouldn't stand for their B.S. anymore. Help me or Git Already! Got that!

At the end of the day I entered my last total word count, which was 37,161 or a daily average of 2,185 which isn't bad at all considering that you have to produce an average of 1,667 per day to reach the aim of 50,000 words by November 30.

So, notwithstanding adversaries like internal editors and critical little devils, I'm still ahead of the game. I've got my ducks lined up and go with the Flow once more. Today's word count (so far) is 3,088 —what does that tell you?).

How do you get them internal and external editors, critics and devils to shut up or become your allies?

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