Sunday, November 07, 2010

NaNoWriMo YAY or NAY Sayers -Git Already!

Don't you ever do —have you never done— any kind of timed writing? How about the Dadaists' automatic hand writing, how about the Flow, the good old meditative stream of consciousness stuff that informed and inspired the popular Writing Down the Bones, Morning Pages and all that Jazz? 

You mean to say you sit there poised for the right word, pen on paper fingers on the keys, thumbs on the phone pad, thinking hard, harder, hardest, slow and carefully for-mu-la-ting that thing, that one and own-ly word that will do?

~~~~~~~~~~Been there, done that, still do it —when the time is ripe— says the NaNoWriMo enthusiast. Get there after I've got the idea down, after I've grabbed the sucker and hammered the notion, letter by letter, key-by-key, so the essence, the heart of the matter won't escape me, won't fly off, disappear into thin air ~~~~~~~~~~

"Ideas lie in the gutter by the hundreds, the trick is to pick them up and do something with them," said Hector Vilche a brilliant creator who painstakingly filled tiny squares in different hues of the same color, side by side, while contemplating larger paintings, sculptures, art installations and bigger than life staged productions

Troubadour and visual artist Bobby Bridger wove hundreds of seed beads in intricate patterns or dotted canvases the Aboriginal way, while composing rhymes and music for his epic Ballad or musical fairy tale in his head.

Creative minds such as Vilche and Bridger understand the dynamics of creativity.

Whether you sew, paint or write, the seeds of your effort will germinate and come harvest time, you're well prepared to add the finishing touch.

While still known as NaNoWriMo it's no longer just a National wordsmiths' effort to finish at least the scaffolding for a Novel by Writing 50,000 words in one Month. NaNo-ists down under in New Zealand were the first to start typing the night after Halloween, one minute into the 1st of November.

Groups such as NaNoWarriors participate in Word Wars. Triggering writers all over the world take their seats close to the whole hour four times per 24-hours waiting for a fellow member to give the GO! sign followed by TIME-UP! one hour later. It's nothing but "timed writing" y'all!

So, get down with your bad shit and turn on the timer, git with it already, the words are waiting! If you need more encouragement check out The NaNoWriMo Daily!

What do you say, nay or yay?

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